This page is under construction but in the meantime these pictures show a little bit of Montenegro.

This is a very mountainous country about the size of Wales. It has a spectacular coastline backed by a line of mountains and the towns we saw were restricted to the thin coastal strip. It seems that tourism has been chosen as a major industry and accordingly much hotel building is going on. A lot of this was financed by Russian investment but recently that has dried up and many 'Apartmanti' buildings stand unfinished. The over development is appallingly obvious and there does not seem to be any planning authority restriction. In addition the roads have many unsightly bill boards advertising the developments. Here is an example of an unfinished project near Petrovac - it's not under construction, it's abandoned, for the time being anyway.

And this is what about half of the Petrovac sea front looks like.

And a view of Kotor. It took a lot of sweat to get that shot from the Franz Josef path.

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