Baska Voda

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It was a three hour coach transfer from Dubrovnik with coffee stop in Bosnia. In Bosnia? Yes because Bosnia has an area which sticks out to the coast thus bisecting the long westerly strip of Croatia.

Hotel very good - with provisos - see below.

Three wonderful outings :-

"Day Off" Long drive to visit ancient walled town of Troghir followed by visit to the Krka National Park which consists pretty well entirely of waterfalls. An excellent day out.

Boat trip (with strawberries, grappo & vino served) to island of Brac (pronounced 'bratche'). Then a hot 10 km. yomp largely through olive groves across the end of Brac from Sumartin to Povlja. An excellent day out.

Visit to Cetina Gorge. Following a shortish coach ride a yomp took us to the at least 500'descent by winding rocky narrow track into the Gorge where boats met us and took us upstream to a cafe then downstream to Imis. An excellent varied day.

The weather throughout the week (end of May) was hot (too hot for some) and sunny, which is why we opted to not take two of the walks but to find suitable places to swim instead. One does not neccessarily need to wear cossies but the beaches are made of small sharpish stones and forewarned of this we wore cheap (Brantano) fabric footware to facilitate entry into the crystal clear sea.

This is Makarska. Baska Voda is the other side of the sloping hillside.

Our Baska swimming spot. Note the clarity of the water.

Booze cruise to Brac

View from about half way down the Cetina Gorge


Krka National Park

Extract from Hotel Bacchus Tariff Sheet

To our surprise there were hefty charges (1 Kuna = 11 pence) for using either the jacuzzi or the sauna, usually these are gratis in other four star hotels used by HF. However the jacuzzi was not available to us anyway as it was empty and covered over. There was a requirement for two people to use the sauna at the same time and it had to be booked in advance to give it time to heat up. As I did not become aware of anybody else in our party being interested in using the sauna I gave up the idea.

We were asked to not use travel kettles in our rooms due to a fuse blowing possibility. We all doubted this, the hotel being only five years old. When I saw the hefty vacuum cleaner Room Service used, we continued to use our 900 watt kettle to make our own tea without causing any problem. In the dining room, the bread provided was like a beginners attempt at baking in being hard and unleavened. Perhaps this is a Croatian speciality ? Anyway the elaborate moving belt toaster in the dining room was useless, merely warming the unpalatable small slices, so very little bread was eaten, apart from the rolls purchased in the nearby Konsum convenience store.

However, all the soups were most excellent, and the the main courses too - in a Croatian way. Apart from these minor niggles the hotel was excellent in all other respects.

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